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Welcome to Rebel Remedies

Bridget with Rebel and Henry - Photo © Simon Palmer - Into The Lens Hi, Im Bridget Colston, a full time Recommended Associate of Intelligent Horsemanship and holder of the Monty Roberts Preliminary Certificate of Horsemanship, and full-time member of the Monty Roberts UK Tour team. I am also a Straightness Training Mastery student.

I train horses and their owners using logical ethical techniques. I look at the whole picture physical and mental health, feeding, management, environment and other external influences on the horse, and provide a training programme that allows horse and owner to progress with confidence after my visit. Using a sound knowledge of horse psychology I aim to give owners an insight into why their horse may be acting in a certain way, and address causes, not symptoms. At the heart of my training is the desire to make it easy and pleasant for the horse to want to work with us.

Having been privileged to have horses in my life for over thirty years, and having worked in a number of roles within the equine industry, I am passionate about horses and passionate about my work, and hope to inspire owners with a similar zest for 'doing the right thing by the horse'.

Message from Monty Roberts:
Bridget with Monty Roberts - Photo © Simon Palmer - Into The Lens "When Kelly Marks reached out to find volunteers to help with driving me to Sandringham where I was to spend 5 days starting youngsters for Her Majesty, I never could have imagined what a wonderful idea it was. One of the two volunteers was Bridget Colston who safely delivered me to appointed destinations and was a tremendous help at the roundpen as well. I learned that Bridget was a very good rider and actually used her to ride a starter at my Bishop Burton College demonstration."
"It's true that I was in need of assistance but how lucky can a man be to receive the level of assistance that came my way in October 2011."
Yours sincerely

Monty Roberts

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